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Microprocessor Designs has been working with Parker developing smart stepper motor controllers and brushless DC (BLDC) motor controllers.   These devices are used in Parker Life Sciences products, giving them the advantage of custom hardware and firmware as well as mechanical form factor.



The µPD team developed a 2 and 4 amp stepper motor controller drivers.  The stepper motor controllers are based on Freescales 56F83xx series DSP and allows for fine microstepping control under program control.   The units implement current control and can sustain 80V continuous operation.


The BLDC controller is a tiny, 6mm wide x 34 mm long PCB assembly based on an Atmel ATmega series microcontroller.  A half duplex one-wire asynchronous interface is used to send commands to the BLDC controller/driver, thereby abstracting the complexity of BLDC drive from the system level programmer.   See the Parker Smart Syringe.



We have more recently helped Parker develop the  'PACE HF - Maximum Flow Proportional Valve'.    Electronics Hardware and firmware was developed enabling the creation of a miniature, low power, high flow rate valve.   The PACE HF will deliver 180 slpm and consumes less then 1 W.   The unit is based on a PIC24FJxx series microcomputer. 



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