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Thought Technology - MyoTrac Infinititm

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The team worked with the engineers at Thought Technology to develop a portable electromyography (EMG) and stimulation system.  The system is unique in that it allows the user to perform EMG triggered stimulation.   We developed the hardware and lower level firmware for the unit.   Hardware features include a touch screen graphics display, a patient isolated USB port that can be used for data transfer and battery charging, two channels of audio for quality audible feedback, and multiple processing units to assure patient safety.

The engineers at Thought Technology developed the user interface (UI) and application level firmware.    To decouple the UI from the application and firmware development, we created a 'Screen Definition Language' that allows the UI developer to create menus with text and graphics.   Multiple fonts, font sizes, and bit maps are supported.  Screen definition files are then compiled with a 'Screen Compiler', which we created, thereby creating screen binary data, which the embedded firmware can interpret.   This architecture allows for a complex user interface without firmware impact.   For example, multiple languages can be added, without effecting the firmware.   

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