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Transfer to Manufacturing

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This step involves the transfer of Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) data to a contract manufacturer (CM).   In many cases, we like to work with the targeted CM up front in the design to assure we meet the requirements of their process.   Many CMs have a long list of requirements for products they will produce that assure quality product is output.   We have tailored our procedures and in-house design rules to accommodate the stringent requirements of the best CMs (i.e. Delphi Automotive Systems).   We attempt to include test points, proper pad geometry, tool clearances and the like early on in the design process.   Even our in-house database, based on Parts & Vendors, allows us to include your part numbers within the Bill of Materials at a click of a button.   We typically include secondary and tertiary sourcing from multiple vendors and manufactures.   Our goal is to see your project through your CM's process without a hitch!

The Steps:

bulletTransfer CAM data including PCB artwork, centroid data, etc.
bulletTransfer BOM Database as Excel or ASCII files
bulletDesign for Manufacturing (DFM) review
bulletUpdate design to comply with the DFM audit
bulletPrototype Build

The Deliverables:

bulletDebugged and tested Pre-production PCBs
bulletTypically we design a Manufacturing Tester to verify assemblies (i.e. CU Tester)
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