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Microprocessor Designs  is an electrical engineering and product design consulting group founded in 1987 by Jeff Finkelstein. Mark Lyons joined the company in 1993 as Vice President. The group specializes in microprocessor based product design and development from the concept phase through manufacturing. In this capacity the group has provided hardware, firmware, and software  expertise for numerous clients within the US and Canada.

We work in beautiful Shelburne, Vermont, located about 5 miles south of Burlington.  A few years back we purchased our own facility.   The facility is serviced with high speed internet access keeping us in contact with you.   The atmosphere and positively spirited staff creates a great working environment allowing us to keep you, the client, satisfied during all phases of product development.   That is what makes us tick!  

Our Mission

Our Mission is to bring your products to market on time and on budget.  We do that by implementing existing technologies in an efficient fashion. We provide our clients the highest level of engineering available anywhere. From product concept to completion, we'll be there to support you and your team.

Product development requires a wide variety of skills. Outsourcing some of these skills increases a companies chances of bringing a product to fruition in a timely manner.  That's where Microprocessor Designs (µPD) can help.  µPD has expertise in many aspects of product design and development engineering including system design, hardware, software, prototyping, and manufacturing.  We are a team of engineers who really like engineering... and it shows!

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