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Over the years Microprocessor Designs has provided services to a wide variety of clients ranging from small to large.   A partial list of these companies is provided:

bulletAdvanced Illuminations - LED Lighting Controllers Hardware and Firmware
bulletAscension Technology - 6 Degree of Freedom Motion Sensing System Hardware and Firmware
bulletConcept 2 - Rowing Machine Monitor Hardware, Firmware and Software Design
bulletDEKA Research and Development - System, Hardware and Firmware Design Consulting
bulletGad Shaanan Designs - System, Hardware and Firmware Design Consulting
bulletInnovative Sports Training - Motion Monitor Hardware and Software Design
bulletBIOM - Hardware Firmware Design and Build
bulletLPA Design - Wireless Photographic Flash Controller System, Hardware and Firmware
bulletLiquid Measurement Systems - Capacitive Fuel Gauge Signal Conditioners and User Interface Hardware and Firmware
bulletLynx System Developers - ReacTime and Serial Linx Hardware and Firmware
bulletNew World Associates - Finger Tip Sensor Node Hardware, Firmware and Build
bulletNorthern Power Systems - Power Control Hardware and Firmware Design and Build
bullet Parker-Hannifin Precision Fluidics - Fluidic Control , BLDC and Stepper Motor Controller/Driver, Smart Syringe, Proportional Valve
bulletSegway - System, Hardware and Firmware design consulting, Test System Design and Build
bulletSimbex - Head Impact Accelerometer Hardware and Firmware Design
bulletSRAM - E-Matic Hub and Manufacturing Test Fixtures
bulletStone Environmental - Ground Water Test System Hardware and Software Design and Build
bulletTextron Automotive - Intelligent Seating System Hardware and Firmware Design
bulletThought Technology - SEMG and STIM controller Hardware and Firmware Design
bulletUnderground Systems Inc - PowerDonut Hardware, Firmware Design and Build
bullet Cooperative International Neuromuscular Research Group - Quantitative Measurement Systems for Muscle Testing
bulletDARPA Revolutionizing Prosthetics 2009 - Finger Tip Sensors for Prosthetic Hand


Please feel free to contact us for a list of references.  

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