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Concept2 PM3, PM4 and PM5 Monitors

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The team at Microprocessor Designs developed the  PM3, PM4 and PM5 training monitors for the Concept2 Model D and E Ergonometers.  Earlier designs used a Freescale Dragonball Super VZ Processor which allowed for low power with an integrated LCD graphics controller.  More recent changes include a move to a ST STM32F4xx microcontroller with significantly more resources and great floating point performance.   Development responsibilities include electronic hardware, firmware, manufacturing testers, and host application support tools.   In addition, the group designed the manufacturing testers and transferred the design to contract manufacturing.  

The PM3/PM4/PM5 has a wide variety of graphic and text displays in many languages.  In order to decouple the user interface requirements from the lower level operational aspects of the design, we developed a Screen Content Language and associated Compiler that enables the user interface developer to work independently of the firmware application developer.   This approach allows for user interface updates without firmware development and testing impact.

The PM4 adds circuitry to allow compatibility with the SuuntoTM and ANT SPORTTM chest belt which incorporates an Garmin Ltd - Dynastream ANTTM RF transceiver.    Additionally Both the PM3 and PM4 allow for the interconnection of a Polar heart rate monitor. 

The PM5 includes a Bluetooth Low RF transceiver allowing for direct communication with Bluetooth Heart Rate belts.   To be compatible with Apple and Android devices, the unit can operate as a Bluetooth peripheral thereby allowing for direct RF connections using these ubiquitous devices.   The PM5 RF designs are based on the Nordic nRF51422 and nRF51822 device for the Bluetooth and ANT designs, respectively.

See the Ergonometer in action at Concept2.


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