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LPA Design - PocketWizardtm ControlTLtm Products

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µPD worked with LPA Design to develop ControlTLtm firmware enabling the simultaneous  design and development of multiple  wireless flash triggering products.  The products are based on the pre-existing Pocketwizardtm  protocol and the addition of a new protocol for the wireless transmission of E-TTL and I-TTL commands used by Cannon and Nikon, respectively.  The designs are based on highly architected firmware designed for product reliability and maintainability throughout the Pockwizardtm family.


The team has been working on multiple peripherals for the ControlTLtm family.  These products include the AC3 Zonecontroller, AC9 AlienBees Adapter and PowerST4 Receiver.   The AC3 allows for three zones of flash control.  An AC9, when coupled with a Mini or Flex, enables remote power control of an AlienBee or White Lightning flash.  A PowerST4 provides for remote flash power control of an Elinchrom Rx flash.


The group also developed a PocketWizardtm Utility application, compatible with both a PC or a MAC, that allows an end user to update firmware and configuration information for both the Mini or Flex.   The design allows the end-user to connect a new Pocketwizardtm  product to a host USB port without the need of a driver.  

See all the new LPA Products at http://www.pocketwizard.com.

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