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1/7/2002 - Microprocessor Designs Incorporates 8 Microchip Microcomputers into the Human Transporter

The SegwayTM HT features a combination of Microchip’s PIC18C658 high performance CAN microcontrollers and the ultra-small PIC12C509A 8-pin microcontrollers to help control the display, speed and turning function while communicating with other subsystems.  The PIC16F87x Flash microcontrollers process sensor data from the inertial measurement unit and communicate information to the control module.  Other PIC16F87x devices  are incorporated in to the battery controller and provide battery monitoring functions.  Microchip’s MCP130 system supervisors provide brownout detection in the user interface and control modules.  Microprocessor Designs Inc. of Shelburne, VT,  working with Microchip, assisted Segway’s engineering team in the development of hardware and firmware for the user interface, control unit, and inertial measurement unit.

Microprocessor Designs is a  Microchip Third Party Developer

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