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Underground Systems - Power-Donut2tm

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The group has been working with Underground Systems Inc to develop a new power monitoring technology referred to as the Power-Donut2tm.  The system is a wireless high voltage overhead conductor monitoring device that allows a utility to monitor voltage, current, phase, frequency, line droop angle, line acceleration, line temperature and other parameters in real time.    The unit is power by the high voltage conductor using an integral Rigowoski coil.  Multiple Renesas microcomputers allow for intelligent power control and data acquisition.   A wireless connection, which may be GSM GPRS, 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz RF is used for communications.   In GSM GPRS mode, the unit may be accessed from any Internet connection.

Battery Powered Power-Donut

A new Power Donut, referred to as PD-B, has been developed.  This device contains includes primary batteries and solar panels allowing for up to 5 years of unattended operation.    The device does not take power from the line and therefore can be used in power sensitive applications OR when power is not always traversing the conductor.


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