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The team assembled at Microprocessor Designs has a wide variety of skills required for embedded product development.   To assure your products are developed properly we use a top-down development approach that enables us to tackle even the most difficult problems.   Product development is broken down into phases which include:  product definition, system design, hardware design, software/firmware design and the transfer to manufacturing process.    We encourage peer review at all critical milestones.   We use state of the art tools for product development and documentation.  

A brief description of these project phases is provided below.   It should be noted that not all projects follow these exact steps, but in general the project flow does not deviate too far.  Follow the links for a more detailed discussion of each project phase.   

Product Definition

Marketing 'Shiny' Sheets -> Functional Specification


System Design

Hardware, Software, and Firmware Partitioning


Hardware Design

Hardware Block Diagrams,  Simulations, Schematics, PCB Layout


Software/Firmware Design

Software / Firmware Block Diagrams, Benchmarking, Coding


Prototype, Integration and Test

PCB Fabrication, PCB Assembly, Integration of Firmware, Test


Transfer to Manufacturing

Output Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) Data to a Contract Manufacturer, Update and Release Engineering Documentation


Manufacturing Test Stations

Outgoing Quality Control using Functional Testers, Unit Level Testers, Serialization, Component Tracking, and Database Storage and Reports

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