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Stirling Engine Controller

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Since 1998 the group has been working with DEKA Research and Development on the Stirling Engine project.  We've worked with the DEKA development group to create single board computers that will control the Stirling Engine.  Initial designs were based on a Motorola MC68HC912 but as time moved on we have migrated to a new motor control microcomputer from Texas Instruments, the TMS320LF2407.   

The new designs use sine drive technology to maximize motor control and regeneration efficiency.  Space Vector Modulation, used for motor commutation,  is implemented in firmware.   In addition to motor commutation, the firmware is responsible for all system level control, including CAN traffic, LCD Display, serial communications (RS485/422/232), analog data acquisition, DC motor control, etc.    Production intent designs will use lower cost, small footprint variants of TI's motor control family (i.e. TMS320LF2406A).


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