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5/21/2003 - Ascension and Microprocessor Designs Demo High Technology at EXPO

Burlington, Vermont USA: May 21, 2003: Ascension Technology Vice President Jack Scully and Microprocessor Designs President Jeff Finkelstein joined forces to show guests at the Vermont Business and Industry EXPO 2003 Technology Luncheon some of the astonishing products made possible by their companiesí breakthrough technologies. Real-time computer animation, the Segway Human Transporter, 3D fetal ultrasounds and a football helmet with impact assessment capabilities were among the products showcased.

Scully and Finkelstein explained to the audience of over 100 guests how their companies collaborated to drive Ascension's motion tracking technology forward and open up a brand new marketplace -- real-time computer animation. Following a video introduction to ďmotion captureĒ animation, Finkelstein discussed the development of Microprocessor Designs and showed a variety of products dependent on its microprocessing solutions. Scully then explained magnetic motion tracking and gave an overview of applications using Ascensionís different tracking devices.

The presentationís grand finale was a live animation performance featuring South Burlington High School Imaging Lab student James Pettine and Ascensionís animated web hostess, Angel. Pettine, outfitted in motion tracking sensors, danced and gestured while his movements were tracked by Ascensionís MotionStar tracker. That movement information was then transmitted to a host computer and applied to Angel who danced and gestured exactly as Pettine did, at the same time.

Microprocessor Designs, based in Shelburne, VT, specializes in micro-processor based product design and development from the concept phase through manufacturing, providing hardware, firmware and software expertise for clients in the US and Canada. For more information about Microprocessor Designs, visit www.updesigns.com.

Ascension Technology Corporation, based in Milton, VT, develops magnetic, optical and inertial motion-tracking solutions for 3D computer-graphics applications in military targeting systems, simulation, virtual reality, biomechanics, animation and medicine. For more information, visit www.ascension-tech.com.

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